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Responding Together to Knife Crime

– Remembering those who have lost their lives through knife crime
– Time to meet and talk with others affected by violent youth crime
– Space to share ideas for positive change and look for hope

Latest news

May meeting postponed

We are sorry to tell you that our May meeting will not take place. Covid has suddenly reduced our capacity this month, so we are unable to meet as we’d hoped, to hear from Ben Lindsay from Power The Fight. Ben will come to join us later this year, and our next meeting will beContinue reading “May meeting postponed”

Remembering Lewis

At our last RTK meeting, we remembered Lewis Elwin, who died, aged 20, in April 2016. It was moving to hear from some of his family members, and honour his life that ended too soon. We also heard from Hannah, from Fearless (part of Crimestoppers), who gave insight into what happens behind the scenes toContinue reading “Remembering Lewis”

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