Remembering Lewis

At our last RTK meeting, we remembered Lewis Elwin, who died, aged 20, in April 2016. It was moving to hear from some of his family members, and honour his life that ended too soon. We also heard from Hannah, from Fearless (part of Crimestoppers), who gave insight into what happens behind the scenes to help young people feel confident to report their concern for their friends.

Lewis’ family shared photos and a video, and his brother, Aaron, his sister, Tarnya, and mum, Sandra, shared some memories and thoughts, while others brought words of comfort, condolence or encouragement from their experiences. Lewis’ sister-in-law beautifully shared a song, His Eye is on the Sparrow, in remembrance of Lewis. Thank you to Lewis’ family for their openness and willingness to share their pain and vulnerability.

Fearless worker, Hannah, gave a brief but informative and helpful presentation about Fearless. As a part of Crimestoppers, Fearless is a place to report anonymously about crime, aimed at enabling young people to do that without fear. She explained that Fearless never share the source of any information with police – in fact they can’t, due to the process scrambling the information before it gets to them. The police only hear the facts shared about the potential crime, and nothing about the area, person or details of the person reporting. She said that often young people worry about their friends and Fearless is a place to share that to protect them, rather than a place to ‘snitch’. Fearless is accessible through all types of social media. As adults we can steer young people towards their social media and short films to give them confidence in how they can be a part of responding positively to the threat of knife crime.

Our next RTK is on Thursday 5 May at 7.30pm, via Zoom and in person at V61 West Side – we’ll hear from an inspiring organisation, based in Peckham, called Power The Fight – please keep this date in your diary.

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