Learning from Carney’s Community

George Turner, from Carney’s Community in Battersea joined us on 7 January and spoke about how to positively impact the lives of young people who are in the greatest need.

Carney’s Community engage with people, through a gym and boxing classes, to give long term, consistent, unconditional support, with empathy. George told stories of people who had experienced deep difficulties, some with a history of criminal behaviour, who despite lapses, through dedicated, compassionate mentoring, and being part of a community, have found hopeful and positive lives.

George gave lots of statistics and pointers for how to change the culture of knife crime, as well as personal insights as to how he and Carney’s Community have been affected by losses of people within their community.

Our thanks to George for bringing such a helpful and powerful talk.

More details of Carney’s community can be found on their website, including details of how to donate towards their work.

Watch an extract of George’s powerful message about Carney’s Community and the work they do

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