N-Gage founder visits RTK

On Thursday 1 April at 7.30pm our speaker will be Christie Spurling, founder of N-Gage charity.  Join us to hear his story as we look for ideas and inspiration for action that will help reduce the incidence of knife crime.

Christie Spurling founded N-Gage in 2006 in response to his own experiences of educational exclusion.

N-Gage is a Manchester based charity that gives young people at risk of educational or social exclusion opportunities and skills to achieve their full potential.  It provides flexible and targeted approaches to anti-social behaviour and educational exclusion.

Christie has a moving personal story and a passion to help young people fulfil their potential.

We look forward to welcoming him to RTK and hearing from him, hoping to encourage others working with young people and in looking how to help prevent young people being drawn to crime.

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