WAW Awards

Last Monday evening Val and Rosie each received an honorary WAW award, in recognition of their work with RTK. RTK’s work has given space for families to share their stories of loss, and offered support as these resilient parents and siblings work to bring change within our communities. We are so pleased that RTK’s work as been highlighted through these awards.

WAW stands for Women Appreciating Women, a movement which aims to bring women together who are active in creating a positive impact in the world. They appreciate and support each other in different areas of life, including business, humanitarian projects and activism.

The award ceremony was virtual, but powerful. Women from countries all around the world shared their insights and encouragement and offered support to each other. While an award doesn’t bring change in itself, we are thankful for them as they represent the importance of continuing to support one another as we remember lost lives and look for ways to bring hope and change in young people’s lives.

One thought on “WAW Awards

  1. I would like to congratulate Rosie and Val on receiving their WAW award. You have both been a bright light at a dark time for many in our community…
    Bro Barrington.

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