Come to Southside Shopping Centre to see our exhibition!

You are invited to Southside Shopping Centre, Wandsworth town centre, to see our exhibition – in the unit between Poundland and Accessorize – of our art project created by Francis Barber students, under the direction of artist, Eugene Ankomah. Last day to view is Friday, 2 July.

During the week 7-11 June, Eugene Ankomah worked with year 10 and 11 students, to look at the subject of knife crime and give a creative response. The students used charcoal and ink to create striking images of faces – with eyes that draw you in, but where the lack of other features reminds that their voices are not heard. They also used the inks to produce positive messages that each individual life is valued and unique.

Viewing the exhibition draws you in to what looks at first like a memorial scene to a knife crime victim and then gives an opportunity to reflect on the significance of each life – both those living and those lost too young.

We’d love to hear your reactions to seeing the exhibition, so we invite you to leave a comment below, or via our Facebook or Instagram page.

We are thankful to and proud of the students for their work and creativity. We are incredibly thankful for the dedicated and skilled staff at Francis Barber Pupil Referral Unit who enabled and supported this project. And hugely thankful to Eugene for working this week to inspire and engage these young people.

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