RTK future plans

At our last RTK we introduced our new expanded team and adjusted to combining meeting in person with others coming via Zoom. Read on to hear a little of our plans, or see the video on our highlights page to hear Rosie talk about them..

After asking for volunteers to help in the work of RTK, we are delighted that we’ve been able to expand our team so that we have more experience, ideas and expertise. The team is now Tilisha Goupall, Pat Jarrett, Coral Josephs and Barrington, alongside Val and Rosie. More details of our lovely team will be added to our ‘About Us’ page soon.

We also talked about the vision we have for the coming year or so – aiming to work alongside the Wandsworth Knife Crime Forum to create an effective community communication and response to knife crime incidents, and joined-up support for victims and their families. By sharing with and learning from other boroughs we hope that good actions will spread and make a real difference.

We’ll keep up our monthly meetings – we love our open, supportive and encouraging community.

Our next RTK will be on Thursday 7 October. Click here for map, address and directions or if you prefer to attend by Zoom please use this link to request details (just put “Zoom” in the subject line).

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