Hearing Lydia’s story

On Thursday, 4 November, Lydia Lawrence movingly shared her story as a survivor of knife crime, as well as talking about her work as an anti knife crime campaigner and her involvement in The Narrative Empowerment Project. See her story on our highlights page.

Lydia talked about her passion to make a difference, and highlighted the impact and far-reaching effects on young people of adverse childhood experiences, and the need for support for all those affected by trauma. Her courage in telling her own story of difficulty and overcoming adversity was inspiring.

We also heard a little of the work of spoken word artist/poet Quinton Green, which was powerful and moving.

Lydia shared a song at the end of our meeting, These Tears Could Fill a River, which she joined a group of women to sing – it forms the final few minutes of a film called Terms and Conditions: A UK Drill Story

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